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Where in the world is Hotwire Direct?

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Of course we’re US based and do much of our business here in the states, but recently we’ve been adding stamps to passports, and racking up frequent flyer miles in the name of business.

Since our last newsletter, we’ve helped shops using EPS foam ramp up production in Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Uruguay.

Where will we be next? We’ll put your country on our map when you allow us to provide you world-class foam cutting machines. So give us a call or send us an email.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS Compliance

In light of data and security breaches we’ve all heard about in the news recently, we are proactive in keeping our website and sensitive customer information secure. We maintain PCI DSS compliance with ongoing website scanning, current software, and other best practices. We always encrypt payment card information on our website, and we offer 3rd party payments like Google Checkout and PayPal in these cases no card data is transfered on our site.


This year’s World of Concrete was more innovative than usual. With the unveiling of our 8400 CNC Router / Hot Wire CNC combo machine our booth was the shop floor where ideas spring to life.

3D Foam Router

8400 3D Foam Router / Hot Wire CNC unleashes power for:

  • Art and Architecture
  • Organic Geometry (people, animals)
  • Accurate repeatability
  • Rapid Prototyping – Large 3D Printing

The 8400 CNC is a ground-breaking tool for EPS foam at an amazing price of $59,995 + shipping.

Thanks for visiting us at the
World of Concrete 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve got a story relating to Hotwire Direct products or services that’s worth sharing, please contact us. We’d like to hear what you’re doing.


The new Catalog sports new products and some new prices. The goal is still to help you do more creative and productive work with EPS foam. Download your PDF Catalog Here. Some highlights are below.

Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Ever needed a custom hot wire tool but didn’t want to build the power supply yourself? We now have an extensive array of power supplies in our catalog (and on our website) for you to choose from. We build our power supplies for years of trouble free use and there are many out there still cutting foam after 17 years.


The Good: We’ve added a very high build Styropoxy (7045). This one spreads like peanut butter and sands easier than Bond-O.

The Bad: We also have to adjust prices on Styropoxy due to our cost increases, so get stocked up before June 30th to take advantage of the current pricing. (see new pdf catalog for future pricing)

The Ugly: There’s no ugly, just more beautiful architectural concrete.

Spray Adhesives

Spray Adhesives

We now offer bulk discounts on 420/43 spray adhesive on 2 or more cases to help your foam stick.

Helpful Hint: Remember to press and hold for 5 seconds after gluing for best bond.

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