Customer Survey

Your experience with Hotwire Direct matters to us. Please provide feedback to help us continue improving our products and service by completing this survey.

Many questions ask for a numerical rating from 1-10, with 10 being the most favorable and 1 being the least. These ratings will help focus our attention on areas where we have the greatest potential to improve. Most important to us are specific, written comments that explain your overall ratings.

To say thanks we will send you a $50 coupon for our online shopping when you fully complete the survey.

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General Information

1 – Client Information
2 – How did you learn about Hotwire Direct?

3 – Why did you decide to purchase foam cutting equipment?

4 – What information did you find useful in your decision making process?

5 – Who were the key decision makers in your organization?

6 – What other brands did you consider?

7 – Could we improve our product and service offerings?

8 – Would you recommend us to a business colleague?

Product and Service Evaluation

1 – Did the product(s) meet your needs?

2 – Did the product(s) meet your quality expectations?

3 – Did the product(s) arrive as expected?

4 – Were the instructions complete?

5 – How do you rate the value and price of our product(s)?

6 – Was the sales staff helpful?

7 – Did the sales staff communicate effectively?

8 – Was the website easy to use?

9 – Did the installer(s) teach you effectively?

Thank you for helping us to serve you better.