Our Clients

Working closely with and for our customers has allowed us to integrate equipment designs to thrive in actual production situations and we’ve streamlined work flows with many unique time-saving features. Our commitment to our customers’ success is the reason why our foam cutting and coating systems out-perform on productivity, enable your creativity, and have simple, yet powerful functionality. We view our customers’ success as our success.

Our customers have experienced business growth, creative breakthroughs, and increased productivity. While learning about others’ experiences, please keep in mind that we’d like to help you achieve more too.

Our foam cutting and foam coating clients have created architectural stucco shapes, decorative concrete & GFRC, theme parks, sculptural enlargements, 3D signs, insulated building systems, and 3D industrial designs that you may be familiar with. The following organizations share their experience with Hotwire Direct™.

Decorative Precast Concrete, Cast Stone, GFRC and GFRG Producers

TabbyStone Logo
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“We’ve done helixes [with the 8700 CNC] for a spiral staircase with the turntable. That mold is the most difficult in the world to make, the helix, and I’ve come up with a way to do it on this machine. As a result, more customers have come to us because we are able to advance our designs.

– Mark Spina, Production Manager, TabbyStone

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Your support team is amazing! I mean Chris went above and beyond the call of duty. He had a lot of heart. He was here until 12 o’clock at night and he was back here at 6 o’clock in the morning. He never complained. We had a job to do, we were both focused and we had to get it done.”

– Rob Andrusiw, General Manager, Westcon Precast

Southwest Architectural Castings

“The bar code scanner has been a big plus. Our CAD department can just hand the machine operator the drawing and it’s got a bar code on there and they’re able to scan it and hit the start button. It has greatly simplified the process on the manufacturing floor. The bar code scanner reduced the possibility of errors and also expedited the process.

– Bob Mallory, President, Southwest Architectural Castings

Themed Exteriors

Mt Olympus Logo
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“We had to have the 8700 CNC! We had one gentleman cutting 27 blocks a day, it was a semi load a day, and he was cutting all the blocks himself with that machine. That hot wire machine has run every single day and has cut blocks of foam like mad!

– Rob Rich, Creative Director, Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Stealth Concealment Solutions Logo

“Everybody here at Stealth Concealment Solutions seems VERY happy with it [Project Support]. The timing of your visit couldn’t have been better. We really appreciate your input on these projects.

– Drew Hawk, Structural Designer, STEALTH Concealment Solutions

Themed Interiors

Imago Creations Logo

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“I knew what a hot wire cutter should be able to do and Hotwire Direct had the machine. I look at this stuff and go-wow! It’s just very well engineered! We’re thrilled with the quality of the equipment and personal service that we’ve been getting.

– Marc Coutu, Owner, Imago Creations

If you are a customer of ours and would like to share your experiences here, please contact us.