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FoamCo Corporation is an innovative building material fabricator primarily using expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for architectural shapes, signs, theme elements, props, and molds for precast concrete. Having reliable technical support and production-oriented foam cutting tools is significant to FoamCo Corp. FoamCo owner Donnie Wise talks about his research in the market and subsequent experience with his Hotwire Direct foam cutting equipment.

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When asked about his research process, Donnie recalls looking at all the major brands and talking to others who already owned hot wire foam cutting equipment:

“Probably the biggest factor that got me to go ahead is after I had met with your sales people. I felt pretty comfortable with them and I knew they would take care of stuff if I needed some help. The other way I researched the market is I asked around and the guys who had the Hotwire Direct machines were all happy with it.”

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Easy To Use Software

Although Donnie did have experience drawing in a CAD software program he recalls, “…it had probably been 6 or 8 years since I had drawn in AutoCAD.” This proved not to be an issue as these skills returned rather quickly.

The on-site training allowed Donnie to get familiar again with the CAD drawing tools, and programming methods for an independent axis machine and with the rotary axis. Donnie says: “I think the drawing program is real easy to use. I was making the shapes I needed while the technicians were here, and I had a good handle on it by the time they left.”

Exceeding Expectations

FoamCo uses the 8700 CNC machine with turntable, lathe and bowl cutter options, the 3000 Automated Foam Shaper, and the
5400 Miter Cut. With this equipment FoamCo has fulfilled orders for numerous customers in various industries.

Each new customer project may have a different challenge but challenges are opportunities because FoamCo has knowledge of their equipment and it’s reliable, and this translates into confidence. Donnie says this about working with Hotwire Direct: “The service has exceeded our expectations, and the machines; I’ve never had any problems.”

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Highly Recommended

Donnie has entertained a few guests looking at his foam cutting machines to see firsthand what the equipment can do. He explains:

“There was a guy who came down here from Houston a month or so ago and looked at our shop. He was just going to get the basic machine. I said if I was going to spend that much money, I’d just go ahead and get all the attachments too. He had no interest in the lathe or the turntable. He didn’t see any need for that, but whether you’re wanting to cut ball finials or whatever, all kinds of things come up that you can use it for. We do a little bit of everything so it’s nice to have all that. We did a dome ceiling the other day with the bowl cutter. I would recommend getting everything.”

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A Good Value

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After running the equipment for several years, Donnie explains:

“When I first saw the equipment I was thinking I didn’t want to spend more money if I didn’t have to for the same thing. But after going out and looking at it and talking to people who were running it, I really didn’t have any thoughts about it. I’m very happy with the company.”

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