EPS Recycling

Why Recycle?

Because EPS can be recycled, and by conserving and re-using resources we are doing our part to ensure a brighter future for our children. When using EPS it is important to consider the life cycle possibilities of the material itself. The end of (or waste from) an EPS product in one form can become a new product in another form. By actively recycling EPS we can create a good name for the industry, as well as promote creative problem solving, economic activity, and more.

How To Recycle

There are many different recycling options for expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. Here are a few possibilities:

Return to Block Molder
Many of our customers keep their waste EPS foam out of the landfill by returning it to their foam block supplier when taking delivery of new blocks in a swap. Some EPS foam block molders use the clean waste scrap for making a regrind foam product.

EPS Packaging Association
This organization is dedicated to promoting the use of EPS including recycling and will help you to find recyclers in your area.