Hot Wire Foam Cutter Technology

hand held hot wire foam cutterHot wire
is an innovative technology that utilizes an electrically
charged metal wire to cut through many different types of foam (We mainly use EPS – Expanded Polystyrene). The accuracy of the latest hot wire foam cutters gives such a precise cut that hot
wire technology is widely used in incredibly diverse fields. It’s not unusual
to see this technology used in the creation of foam movie sets or for creating architectural
foam trim and even foam molds for concrete.
Whatever your application for hot wire technology you are sure to find a
machine that fits your needs.

8300 Computerized CNC expanded polystyrene EPS Foam Cutting MachineBecause every hot wire foam cutter uses an
electrically charged wire it means that there is substantially less mess than
with sawing, sanding, rasping, or filing. At the same time a much greater level of
accuracy and precision is afforded to the user. Hot wire foam cutters virtually
disintegrate the foam
as it is passes through leaving you and your workspace
dust and debris free. This combination gives our hot
wire foam cutters
incredible diversity and a wide variety of uses.

FoamCo Corp Coated TrimThe hand held hot wire wand or knife, for instance, is designed for
hand held use and is ideal for sculpting and trimming of expanded polystyrene
foam. And the hot wire shaper is designed to cut amazingly intricate and
accurate designs for use as arches, balcony surrounds and much more. Creating a perfect
curve exactly the way you want it every time becomes second nature to the users
of our foam cutting machines.

Hot Wire Foam Cutter Applications

open spiral column cut with cnc foam cutterThe potential uses of hot wire foam cutters are extensive to say the least and people working in many industries
are already taking advantage of this technology on a daily basis. The speed and
accuracy that a hot wire cutting
machines can deliver means that it can be used in
virtually any industry to virtually any end.

Store fronts unfinishedHot wire foam
cutting technology
is already widely used to create molds for pre cast
concrete and stonework decorations. By using a hot wire foam cutter to create
exactly the shape you require your mold will be left with no unexpected and
undesired extremities or abrasions that can have a detrimental effect on the
end product. You can create perfect looking decorative concrete and stonework
designs without the usual hassle and in much less time. Similarly foam
architectural stonework can be created to the design you require and then
covered with special foam coatings to give the
effect of traditional stonework.

Movie sets and theme park often use hot
wire cutting machines to create large set items or figures. By incorporating
robotics technology and design software, large sets and figures can be created in
a minimal amount of time to a great level of accuracy. Previously, this kind of
work had to be done by hand; a much less accurate and clean process.

Choose The Best Hot Wire Foam Cutters

Architectural hot wire foam cutterWhile hot wire technology is already being
used in a number of industries there are other circumstances it could be used
in. Regardless of when and how you use hot wire cutters, they are a sure fire way
to improve an otherwise slow and laborious task. With the development of
automated and computerized machines, using our hot wire foam cutters will
really set you apart from your competition. You will be able to complete
projects quicker and while delivering stunning eye-catching 3-D products.

Hot wire foam cutting technology has a lot
to offer to just about every industry. Are you ready for the hot wire foam
cutting advantage?

Hot Wire Foam Cutters By Hotwire Direct

Hotwire Direct Foam Cutting MachinesHotwire Direct is a family owned business with their main
office in Clarkston, Washington, USA.
They specialize in the creation of hot wire cutting equipment that is used in
various industries for the safe, clean cutting of EPS foam. With a second
office in Miami,
using Hotwire Direct for your business gives you the ultimate combination of a
dedicated family team and professionalism of a proven, successful business. Get
a free consultation to learn how our machines can help