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The tec 3400 KIT is a high output, electronically-controlled 43mm (1¾”) glue gun for Industrial use. It’s a powerful tool featuring patented ECOTEC® technology for exceptional temperature precision with eco-friendly phased standby operation.

The KIT includes the 3400 gun with a 22 lb box of adhesive.

Melt rate 3.8kg (8¼lbs+)/hr
Glue size 43mm (1¾”) glue cartridge
Voltage 120V and 230V
Wattage 400W
Heater Cartridge
Temp Control Electronic plug-in temperature modules
Hotmelt gun °C (°F) 195°C (380°F) fi tted, Lowmelt 130°C (265°F), 160°C (320°F) and
215°C (420°F) modules included (additional modules available)
Power cable 3m (10 ft)
Weight 1.15kg (2½lbs)

Temperature modules included with the tool are Low Melt (320F), Mid-Melt (380F – installed in the tool) and High Melt (420F).

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Weight 28 lbs


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