6300 Glue Gun Kit


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This glue gun comes with a 22lb. case of 420/43 glue, hard carrying case, 3 spray nozzles, heavy duty free standing metal stand, and extra-long 20′ cords (air + electric).

The TEC 6300 is the highest output, hand-held industrial hotmelt spray glue gun available. Is is a unique, economic, spray applicator that makes hotmelt spray applications affordable for everyone. Built to a very high standard, the TEC 6300 is a totally self contained unit, requiring only compressed air and electricity to operate. There are no expensive bulk tanks or fragile heated hoses to go wrong.


Hotmelt Glue Gun Features

Hotmelt gun adjustment knob

Spray adjustment knob for both right and left handed operators

Hotmelt gun spray nozzle

Spray nozzle for wide area coverage

Hotmelt gun safety housing

Fully enclosed heater housing, and power on warning light for extra safety

Hotmelt gun easy load glue cartridges

Easy to load with large 1-3/4″ glue cartridges


Hotmelt Glue Gun Specifications

  • VOLTAGE 110/120V. 50-60Hz (220/240 also available)
  • HEATER 2 x 250W stainless steel cartridges (total 500 Watts)
  • TEMP. CONTROL Pre-set thermostat 350F & safety thermal fuse (380F thermostat available for polyamide spray adhesive & 260F thermostat for low melt adhesive)
  • WEIGHT 3 lbs
  • POWER UP TIME 10 minutes
  • POWER CABLE 20 ft three core, rubber sheathed, with fitted plug + air hose, with reinforced heat resistance sheathing.
  • MELT RATE Up to 10 lbs/hr, depending on adhesive & temperature (average output across the range is 8 lbs/hr)
  • COVERAGE Between 150 sq ft and 500 sq ft per kilo, depending on whether the spray pattern has been applied heavily or lightly
  • ADHESIVE RELOADING Fast and safe reloading while hot
  • AHESIVE COMPOSITION Solvent-free and non-toxic
  • ADHESIVE SIZE TECBOND 1-3/4″ cartridges
  • WARRANTY 1 year
  • QUALITY & SAFETY Designed and built to comply with international electrical safety standards (EN 60335-2-45).


Glue Gun Nozzles

Hotmelt gun optional wide nozzle

1-Wide PA6064 (0.080″ orifice)

Hotmelt gun optional medium nozzle

2-Medium PA6060 (0.080″ orifice)

Hotmelt gun optional narrow nozzle

3-Narrow PA6046 (0.060″ orifice)

Glue Patterns

spray gun glue patterns

The spray pattern can be altered by air pressure and the distance you hold the gun from the substrate. The caps and valves are color coded for identification purposes.

Additional information

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 28 × 32 in