8600 CNC Contour Cutter

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8600 CNC Multiwire

"The machinery is very nicely put together and engineered. They are built like tanks! And it’s a good thing."

- Tory Lint, Exterior Specialties

CNC Production Example

Prep & Production Time for 72,
8′ Pieces (576′)

Draw: 8 min
Nesting: 20 min
Coding: 1 min
Multiwire Setup (2 wires): 1 min
Cutting: 42 min
Total First Run: 72 min
Total Second Run: 42 min
Cutting Capacity
106″ x 51″ x 105″ (269cm x 130cm x 266cm).
Wire is 105″ long. Other sizes available.
0.001″ (0.025mm)
+.002″/foot (0.0167mm/m)
Drive Motors
Five 188 ounce/inch (2.1kg/cm) high accuracy steppers
Drive System
X & Y axis timing belt drives, precision sealed bearings ride on hardened ground rods
Max. Cutting Speed
55″ (140cm) per minute
Max. Rapid Speed
1,200″ (3000cm) per minute
Cutting Wire
Up to 2 – .014 (.355mm) wires
Power Required
110v – 120v single phase 50-60hz, 20 Amp
1 year on all electrical components,
3 years on all mechanical components
Tech Support
Unlimited support at no charge*

*We back the mechanical and electronic equipment and software to perform as advertised and expected free of charge within the warranty period. We do charge an hourly rate for fixing problems associated with things outside our control such as when 3rd party products are introduced i.e. modems are introduced in the network and connection is lost, or reloading software when customer changes computers, re-training on CAD/CAM, and creating custom drawing files for customers.

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Additional information

Weight 1155 lbs
Dimensions 136 × 25 × 52 in
Rotary-8600/8300 $3,595


Turntable $895


Bowl Cutter $795


Lathe $2,795


Rigid Wire $795