8700 CNC Contour Cutter


Hotwire Direct: 8700 CNC Independent Axis, 3D Foam Cutting, High Speed Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam Cutter

CNC Production Example

Prep & Production Time for 72, 8′ Pieces (576′)

Draw: 8 min
Nesting: 20 min
Coding: 1 min
Multiwire Setup (6 wires): 1 min
Cutting: 14 min
Total First Run: 44 min
Total Second Run: 14 min


Picture below shows 4 blocks or 64′ of a concrete bridge’s form liner that was cut in approx. 38 minutes.
Hotwire Direct: 8700 CNC Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam Cutter - Concrete Bridge Form Liners

Click photo for how this bridge came together.

"I was producing trim shapes for my business needs in 2-3 hours. This is not brain surgery here, or rocket science. The installer did a very good job of explaining it to me."

- Tory Lint, Exterior Specialties

Cutting Capacity
106″ x 51″ x 105″ (269cm x 130cm x 266cm). Wire is 105″ long. Other sizes available.
0.001″ (0.025mm)
±.002″/foot (0.0167mm/m)
Drive Motors
Four 160 ounce/inch (1.8kg/cm) AC servos, 4000 counts per revolution encoders
Drive System
X & Y axis timing belt drives, precision sealed bearings ride on hardened ground rods
Max. Cutting Speed
55″ (140cm) per minute
Max. Rapid Speed
1500″ (3,810cm) per minute
Cutting Wire
Up to 6 – .014 (.355mm) wires
Power Required
240v single phase 50-60hz, 20 Amp
1 year on all electrical components, 3 years on all mechanical components
Tech Support
Unlimited support at no charge

Options And Specifications


Hotwire Direct: CNC Wire Options and Cutting Capacity

Dimensional Cutting and Wire Capacity

Hotwire Direct: CNC Options For Creative Cutting

Attachments for Extending Creativity


You can enjoy the benefits of the 8700 CNC with a low monthly payment. Click here for more information and a finance application.

Additional information

Weight 1300 lbs
Dimensions 108 × 40 × 50 in
Rotary $3,995


Turntable $895


Bowl Cutter $795


Lathe $2,795


Rigid Wire $795