7400 Architectural Radius Coater

Hotwire Direct: 7400 Architectural Foam Coating Radius Coater

7400 Architectural Radius Coater

Architectural Radius Coating Advantages

Easily produce consistent coated foam architectural caps, bases, and arches for a stunning look for half the work.

  • The 7400 screed coats any radius from 4″ (10 cm) to the largest radii possible
  • Column caps and bases can be run in halves or whole circles
  • Arches can also be run with any radii

A carrier or ‘shuttle’ board is required for all parts. The shuttle board can be made from 1 or 2 lb foam or fiber or particle board, etc. The drive and tension wheels will guide the shuttle boards and the foam core will be adhered to the shuttle board and driven through the coating process.

Pre Installation Worksheet

For more technical information on the 7400 Architectural Foam Radius Coating Machine download the: 7400 Pre-Installation Worksheet.