9000 3D Foam Carving

9000 Router

The 9000 Direct Route combines the best of both worlds, a Hotwire Direct CNC foam cutter with true 4th axis 3D foam milling. Designers, artists, mold-makers and builders now can become fabricators of simple to complex geometries from a single machine and single software.

The Direct Route process begins with a 3D model, which can be created from scratch or imported from a file or 3D scan of a real object. The 3D model is then scaled and modified as needed in the CAD/CAM software. As soon as the 3D object looks right, machine code (g-code) is created and the machine gets to work.

The Direct Route is simply cleaner by design than milling-only approaches to 3D foam carving because it roughs out the bulk of material with the hot wire. The removed material is cut in a sequence to work perfectly as packaging for the finished part when it needs to be transported. The Direct Route is quicker from start to finish because all the work is done in one software and on one machine. This approach leaves less opportunity for misalignment, so higher quality results are in your hands.

Let your imagination run wild with the 9000 Direct Route – because it’s the new class of foam carving!

9000 CNC Specifications

Power Required
240v single phase 50-60hz, 20 Amp
1 year on all electrical components, 3 years on all mechanical components
Tech Support
Unlimited support at no charge

You can enjoy the benefits of the 9000 CNC Router with a low monthly payment. Click here for more information and a finance application.