CNC Custom Specifications

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Custom X, Y, and Z Axis Sizes

Custom cutting configurations are easy with Hotwire Direct. Cutting capacity is measured in feet by the X, Y, and Z axis. X is the horizontal (left to right) length, Y is the vertical (up and down) height, and Z is the wire length.

Hotwire Direct: CNC Machine XYZ Sizing Coordinates

We manufacture CNC foam cutting machines as small as 4-4-4 and as large as 16-8-16. The default size is the 8′ x 4′ x 8′ machine, which is capable of cutting two standard 8′ long blocks of foam side by side. (Foam blocks can come in longer sizes).

Also note that the 8300 CNC is by default variable on the Z axis from 2′ up to 16′ 4″.

Extra Wires

The 8300/8600 CNC come standard with 2 wires, while the 8700 CNC comes with 6 wires. We can also ‘build to suit’ when it comes to wire capacity on the 8700 CNC.

Hotwire Direct: CNC foam cutting machine 50 wires multiple wire capacity for high production

Here is a 12′ x 4′ x 12′ – 50 Wire 8700 Machine

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