Foam Compactor

Solves the handling problem of used EPS (Styrofoam)

Before compacting foam

Styropactor Mini 1 Phase

Styropactor Mini 1 Phase
After compacting foam


The Styropactor is to fit most purposes in e.g. a store or in the packaging industry where EPS (Styrofoam) packaging are used.

The STYROPACTOR MINI as compactor to reduce the volume of EPS (styrofoam) waste. “Styropactor MINI 1-phase” makes the Styropactors even more flexible. Equipped with a single-phase motor which makes them ideal for use in almost any location, as you connect them to the normal electrical wall outlet.

Mini 1 Phase Features:

The STYROPACTORS reduce the volume of EPS parts approx. 15-30 times

  • The STYROPACTORS are made non-corrosive and can be used in a rough environment.
  • The STYROPACTORS can also be used as crusher where the EPS material is filled into bags.
  • To change takes 5 minutes.
  • The STYROPACTORS can without any changes be used for collection in bags of any size or without bags.
  • The STYROPACTORS are filled vertically. Consequently pieces of any length can be introduced .
  • The STYROPACTORS are “mobile” and can be used anywhere EPS waste is generated.
  • The STYROPACTORS reduce the transportation costs drastically .

Mini 1 Phase Specifications:

Styropactor Mini 1 Phase
  • Capacity 77-99 lbs
  • Non-corrosive
  • Mobile (on wheels)
  • Density after compaction 11-16 lbs / Cubic Foot
  • Electrical: 480V/60Hz
  • Inlet Opening: 400 x 780 mm 15.7″ x 30.7″
  • Length: 100″
  • Height: 63″
  • Width: 25″