Replacement Wire

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Hot wire

Wire comes in the following types and lengths:

  • Hotwire 8005-A41 For use with the 8300-8700 Contour Foam Cutters. 0.014″ (27 gauge, 0.035cm) round wire, 100′ roll.
  • Hotwire 4005-A41 For use with 5400 series Miter Cut, and 4025 Hand Wand Foam Cutters. 0.025″ (22 gauge, 0.063cm) round wire, 50′ roll.
  • Hotwire 28080 For use only with the Thermocut Hobby hot wire foam cutter. 2mm x 100′ (30m) roll.
  • Rigid wire 8004 For use with all rigid wire cutters and CNC rigid wire attachments (2000 Internal Lathe, 3000 Automated Foam Shaper, 5300 Arch and Base Foam Cutter, 5500 Foam Baluster Cutter, HW-1000 Hot Knife for sculpting, and CNC Bowl, and Rigid Wire Attachment.) Available in 20′ and 50′ rolls.
  • Blade BMR24 Shapeable wire for use on the HW-1000 Hot Knife with groove sled, this material is also used on other rigid wire cutting tools for larger profiles (such as the 3000 Automated Foam Shaper with large profiles, the CNC bowl cutter for large planters and large domed ceiling inserts, etc.). Available in 8″ (12 pack), 12″ (8 pack), 16″ (3 pack), and 24′ (roll)


Springs come in the following types:

  • Spring 855136-12 For use with the 8300-8700 (pack of 12).
  • Spring 545103-03 For use with the 5400 series Miter Cut, 4025 Hand Wand (pack of 3).