Training & Project Support

Hotwire Direct CNC training is thorough – we sell all CNC equipment with training included, so when you start cutting foam with Hotwire Direct you start out ahead. We are customer focused – we train in the customer’s locations so your learning of the software and equipment is applied to your unique situation. We help you pay for your investment – many times we focus training around the jobs you have been hired to do as part of your learning, what can be more motivating? Hotwire Direct gives you the tools and know-how needed to succeed.

In addition to our comprehensive hands-on training we offer:

  • Follow Up Training
  • Specific Project Support

Training and support can be on-site or via a web connected PC.

Follow Up Training

Follow up training can be used as a refresher to help you to stay current with best practices on your CNC, or as a critical business need for new employees.

Specific Project Support

Specific project support is help we provide for the times when you win a project that is larger and more complex than the work you have been doing as routine. Many times these projects are being done under aggressive deadlines – you can fall back on our technical expertise to help get you through them within specs and on time.

Contact us for more information, or to schedule a time.

Training Photos

Hotwire Direct: Customer CNC Training
Silvana and Customers Stop For a Photo on the 8700 During Training

Hotwire Direct: Training - Chess Piece Cutting on Turntable
Chess Piece Cutting on 8300 Turntable

Hotwire Direct: Customer CNC Training
Silvana Helping Set Up a Cut

Hotwire Direct: Customer CNC Training Group
Ernie Shows Cutting on the 8700 CNC

“Everybody here at Stealth Concealment Solutions seems VERY happy with it [Project Support]. The timing of your visit couldn’t have been better. We really appreciate your input on these projects.

Drew Hawk
Structural Designer
STEALTH Concealment Solutions

Your support team is amazing! I mean Chris went above and beyond the call of duty. He had a lot of heart. He was here until 12 o’clock at night and he was back here at 6 o’clock in the morning. He never complained. We had a job to do, we were both focused and we had to get it done.”

Rob Andrusiw
General Manager
Westcon Precast

Hotwire Direct: Training - Computer Software CAD Training
Silvana Demonstrating the CAD Drawing Procedure