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CNC Cutters (General CNC Info)

Specialty Foam Cutters

Foam Coating

Hot Knife Foam Cutting Tools* (General Hot Knife Info)

Hand Held Foam Cutting*

Hand Tools, Wire & Springs* (General Wire & Spring Info)

Hotwire Direct: ICF Hand Saw

Sharp ICF Saw
Hotwire Direct: Straight/Long Replacement Wire for Hot Wire Foam Cutting

Long (Straight) Wire
Hotwire Direct: Replacement Rigid Hot Wire for EPS Foam Cutting

Rigid Wire
Hotwire Direct: Tension Springs


EPS Foam Glue & Adhesives*

Hotwire Direct: 3400 Hot Melt Adhesive for EPS Foam

Hot Melt Gun

Hotwire Direct: 6300 Hot Melt Power Adhesive for EPS Foam

Power Glue Gun

Hotwire Direct: Hot Melt Adhesives

Hotwire Direct: F2F Foam 2 Foam Adhesive and Filler for EPS Foam

Foam 2 Foam
Power Supplies*
Hotwire Direct: 5023 Power Supply for Rigid and Straight Long Wire

General Power Supplies
Hotwire Direct: Styropoxy - Epoxy formulated for hard coating hot wire cut expanded polystyrene foam

Release Agent*

Hotwire Direct: Crete-Lease Concrete Mold Release Agent for EPS Foam Molds

Release Agent

* Indicates Items that can be purchased online.