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Rhino3D CAD CAM Software – NEW! –

CNC Software

Rhino3D CAD CAM Software
Hotwire Direct CNC software
CNC Software

Full Foam Shop

Computerized Contour Foam Cutters

Hotwire Direct: Full CNC Foam Shop Video
Full Product Line Video
Hotwire Direct: 8300 Computer Numerical Controlled Machine
8300 Entry Level CNC Video
Hotwire Direct: 8700 Tapered Cut Shows Independent Axis CNC Cutting And Easy To Use Hand Held Control Pendant
CNC Tapered Cut Demo
Hotwire Direct: CNC Bar Code Scanner Eliminates Work Flow Errors
CNC Control Pendant & Bar Code Scanner Demo

Automated Foam Shaper

Decorative Concrete

Hotwire Direct: 3000 Automated EPS Styro Foam Shaper for Architectural Molds
3000 Automated Foam Shaper Video
Hotwire Direct Video: Decorative Concrete Bathtubs, Baptism Pool Made From EPS Foam Molds
Decorative Concrete

5460 Miter Cutting

Hotwire Direct: Video 5400 EPS Styrofoam Miter Cut with Outfeed table and fence.
5460 Miter Cutting

Precast Concrete Molds

Hot Knife 3-D Sculpting and Finishing

Hotwire Direct: Precast Concrete Baluster Mold
Precast Concrete Mold Video
Hotwire Direct: Hot Knife Foam Carving and Sculpting Tool Makes A 3-D Dragon Sign
Hot Knife Sculpting and Coating Video

Hot Knife ICF Utility Cut-Outs

Hotwire Direct: ICF Super Groover Hot Knife Video-Electrical Utility Cutouts
ICF Hot Knife