Bar Code Scanner & Pendant

Hand Held Control Pendant

The hand held control pendant is designed for pulling up cut files from the computer while standing at the machine. It also is used for adjusting wire temperature and cutting speeds on-the-fly, moving the wire, programming cuts, changing material and measurement settings, and more.

Bar Code Scanner

Using the bar code scanner helps eliminate production errors on the shop floor. Internal communication is enhanced because the CAD drawings can be printed and sent to the production area as needed, while the production department only needs to scan and start the job. The print outs allow you to have a binder with common shapes near the machine from which you can visually pull up the cut you need. Along with a drawing, the print out includes dimensions of the foam blank you will need to get the shape, so finding the right sized piece of foam for the job is easy. The bar code scanner comes standard with all the CNC machines except on the 8300. It is an available option for the 8300 CNC.

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